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An island located on the southeast of Cebu Island, Mactan Island is a paradise in itself boasting pristine waters, beautiful white sand beaches, making the place famous worldwide. If one is up to an exceptional vacation experience, Mactan can be a great option. Furthermore, the resorts in Mactan offer superb accommodation facilities, scuba diving, wind surfing, boating and other aqua sports opportunities. Considered one of the country’s tourist destinations, Mactan Island offers one-of-a-kind attractions that capture the hearts both of the locals and foreigners. In fact, it is considered as the diving mecca of the south. Locals and foreigners alike often the place since Mactan has more than a dozen beach resorts with complete diving facilities. This particular activity is great especially to diving enthusiasts or even the newbie. Meanwhile, the dive sites along the edge of the island, which is very convenient for beginners and advances divers alike, make everything worthwhile. Some account for a slight current and a perpendicular drop-off which goes down 30 to 50 meters.

Waterfront Mactan Hotel & Casino

Moreover, Mactan Island is a place full of historical accounts—the very site where the Battle of Mactan occurred. According to history, Mactan Battle is the first battle between native Filipinos and Europeans in 1521. In this historic battle, the explorer Ferdinand Magellan met his death at the hands of Lapu-Lapu, one of the island's most famous rulers. This place has what then became as Lapu-Lapu City—an honour for one of the Philippines very first heroes. The marker can also be found in the island, making the account more interesting--interesting enough for locals and foreigners to flag the place every year. In fact, a yearly celebration has been conceptualized to commemorate this event. Moreover, Mactan Island is one of the country’s symbolic indications of the Filipinos love for freedom and bravery in the face of battles. Furthermore, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, which is the country's second busiest airport, is found on Mactan Island making the place more than accessible to foreigners or to locals. The place has also been popular due to their major product line which include guitars and ukeleles—which also serve as one of the income-producing livelihood for people in Mactan.

Maribago Blue Waters, Mactan

Over the years, different facilities have been erected within the island to cater the needs of the tourists by making their stay comfortable and enjoyable. The accommodation ranges from less expensive pension houses to five star hotel accommodation offering services that suit the different needs of the clients. Known for hospitable locals, one can basically ask around for locations of these hotels and the different deals. Moreover, the island also boosts with food delicacies and exotic varieties that will feed the hungry stomach and make one ask for a second or maybe third serving. Moreover, improvements of the facilities in the island have been employed year after year to ensure the satisfaction of the tourists. Lastly, the wide array of options in terms of accommodation, facilities, food choices, and activities have been Mactan one of the premier destinations in the country and even the world.

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Like many entrepreneurs, you may have chosen Mactan Island to be the location of your manufacturing factory. After all, in this area, you can have access to a wide range of talented and skilful people who can help you create high-quality products. With the nearby airport and sea ports, you can also easily create an efficient logistics system for your raw materials and finished goods. Of course, you can likewise take advantage of the relatively low labour costs that can surely help you control your expenses and have big savings.

However, you have to remember that you should not just focus on your manufacturing plant. Instead, you must also start creating an elegant and professional-looking office for your business. Doing this is incredibly important since it allows you to:

1. Separate your administration tasks from your daily operations activities

By now, you may already know that your factory can be loud, rowdy, and even dusty. This is not a problem if all you have to do is to manufacture your end products. However, this can be a challenge if you and your other staff will also tackle various admin work, like accounting and bookkeeping, that require intense concentration.

Fortunately, when you rent a virtual office Philippines, you and your employees can have a clean and quiet place where you can finish your paperwork in a fast and efficient way. Aside from this, you can also have a space where you can safely store your important documents and keep them away from accidents that may be too common in your plant. You can even have an area where you can hold your applicant exams and interview your job candidates.

2. Make a good impression

When you meet with your clients and/or investors in your factory, you may expose them to loud noises, dusty air, and other distractions. These, in turn, can make it hard for you to finish your presentation properly, listen to what your guests have to say, and pave the way to excellent communication.

Because of this, it would be beneficial for you if you would have a dedicated office. In here, you can use attractive and professional-looking interior décor to astound your clients and/or partners and show them that you are a reliable company. Of course, you can also hold your meetings in clean and elegant surroundings and thus be able discuss things properly with your guests.

Creating a dedicated office for your manufacturing business is one of the best steps that you can take. Through this, you can further develop your venture and help it achieve more success.

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Regus is a provider of meeting rooms, business centres, and virtual office Philippines. They also have branches in different countries, which include South Africa, Argentina, and the UK.

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Sep 3

Over the years, the state of trade and industry in the island of Mactan has significantly grown to be a blend of entertainment and recreation establishments, beach front businesses and industrial companies. Its main city Lapu-Lapu, has transformed from being swampy, little town into a big city favoured by tourists and expatriates. In addition, the island is also now becoming an employment hub for many job hunters from Cebu and other provinces in the Philippines. This is because the island is the home of the country’s two export processing zones, which are housing various international industrial companies. The two economic zones known as MEPZ1 and MEPZ2 are headquarters of various companies that are into manufacturing, including electronics and furniture (one of the most successful industry in the country).



This rapid development of the island can be attributed to several factors. Among them are the creation of trade ports and the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, which serve as a gateway of the world to the island and the rest of the province. This helped boost the rise of commerce and trade in the area. It also makes it more accessible for tourist from around the globe, driving the surge of tourism in Cebu and the rest of the Visayan region as well. Travel and tourism is one of the booming industries in island these days. World-class, international hotels are being built to cater the growing demand for quality and competitive accommodation in the area. Hence, those thinking of visiting Mactan either for business or leisure reason will certainly enjoy a great travel experience.


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Sep 3

Getting in and around the island of Mactan, Cebu can be done through various types of transports. There are the public jeepneys, boats, vans and taxis. However, if you want a more convenient travel experience, the best transport option for you is to rent a car. For those new in the province, it must be noted that rent-a-car services usually come with a driver. But of course, if you insist on renting only the car, without the driver, you can get a driver-free deal. Cebuano rent-a-cars are usually operated by car owners who are connected to a rent-a-car company. Those thinking of renting a car are advised to raise questions if confused and read the fine prints of contracts because just like in many rent-a-car companies, the charges can be a bit ambiguous.




Meanwhile, if you want to have a taste of the real transport culture of the island (which reflects the state of public transportation in the whole Philippines as well) try to take a jeepney. The jeepney is actually the major form of public transport in the country, like the bullet trains in Japan. It is a box-shaped vehicle with an entrance on the rear and two, long parallel seats, in which passengers sit facing each other. These vehicles are often decorated with an assemblage of décor, lights and colour. Each has a designated route (at set fares) which it follows around the whole day. Riding the jeepney, you will get to experience the ebb and flow of the Filipinos. More than taking you from one place to another, you get to feel passenger camaraderie and a unique travel experience.

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